Tuesday, April 23, 2013

She Had a Burthday Too

She had to go and turn 5. I am really not sure about all that is going to happen this year. Kindergarten?? Riding the bus?? My goodness is she ready though. We drove past her school the other day and she got so giddy. She asked, "ooh mom, are there teachers in there? And desks? And do I get a math book?!" We have already started her summer homework packet and she is hoping to get much more homework when school actually starts.

The other day she was pretty hysterical that Elijah had scribbled in her workbook that we bought from Costco. She sobbed through her  tears, "MOM! This was supposed to be educational, and now I can't even learn what this page was going to teach me..."

She came to me with this little note that she had written all by herself. I wrote at the bottom what it really says.

She is a monkey now more than she ever has been. She still uses her toes for just about everything. Notice she is holding her cards between her toes while we are playing slap jack. She has so much energy it's crazy! She climbs on everything and is constantly moving. I am so glad it's warming up so we can harness some of her acrobatic feats.

She loves to eat with chopsticks, taught herself. She requested a Chinese restaurant for her birthday dinner. Pretty impressive :)

I love this little girl so much.

Yes, this is my girl. On the airplane back from Utah this winter she had to sit by herself across the aisle from me and the two littles. She entertained herself by reading the skymall magazine... She was 4...read the whole thing... 

Seriously love the crazy fun that this girl brings into people's lives.

She can often be found squishing on this baby girl... Man I love those curls, and those freckles.

 (I know you're all jealous of the magical place that we get to live in now :) So come visit us! Please!)

And making this poor guy do who knows what... here she is "nursing" him under the nursing cover...

But she sure does love him. 


Martha said...

Your kiddos are so cute Danielle! Are you guys near DC now? I am in Baltimore right now with my family, about 45 minutes from the DC temple. It would be great to see you sometime!

Kaye said...

You said come visit and we are! we are! See you in a week or so! Love you!!

Krista said...

Reminds me of Izzy . . ."This was supposed to be educational." Some spirits are born wise. Miss you!