Friday, December 6, 2013

This Christmas

Hello my dear friends,

This year I wanted so much to send each of you a Christmas card with a cute little note. But I just don't have it in me. Normally I make the card and get it all ready to go with stamps, return address, and labels. Then my handsome hubby puts all of addresses on them and puts them in the mailbox. But alas, he is studying for finals... yes, again. And I am tired!! Did I tell you that I am expecting Dean baby #4?? Hence the lack of posting... and the lack of my presence anywhere really. BUT, I am feeling much much better these days. I am into the second trimester now. Hallelujah! We are very excited to welcome another red head, most likely right? Especially the other children. Luci devised a plan just the other night as she and Elijah sneakily cleaned the kitchen for me. As I was thanking them she said, "Hey! now that we will have 4 kids in our family it will be much easier to clean the house together! Now we can do ALL the work for you mom. And I if you keep having more babies, soon I will even be able to change the poopy diapers!" YES! I love this girl. Elijah agrees with Luci, and follows her orders. Well, depending on his mood.

Anyway, back to the cute little note that you will not be getting in your mailbox...

This Christmas we are so grateful for the Lord's hand in our lives. Without which we would NOT be able to pay a mortgage, and rent, and be able to live in this wonderful, and expensive city. Miracles people, miracles every day. We are also grateful for the angels that surround us... YOU! We hope you know that you are loved by us, and more importantly by our Savior Jesus Christ. May you remember his unconditional love for you and for others this season and new year.

With all our love,

The Deans Jacob, Danielle, Luci (5), Elijah (3), Mary Jane (1), and... little bun in the oven (due in May)