Monday, December 29, 2008

To Cub

In appreciation for my wonderful husband on this our second anniversary + one day. (sorry)

I come to share in public my undying affection for the one I love most, Jacob Edmund Dean.

I was once a little lady with no prince to call my own.
Always dreaming of a man so perfect as you.
You came along one summer; so tall, and red, and handsome.
We decided then a perfect team we'd make.
And so we've proved to be.
2007 and 8 brought lots of victories.
Including graduation, Luci, a home of our own, and Law School.
Through it all I have loved you so much more each day.
Some days were tough, but we learned from those.
Of course there will be more tough days, but sacred promises will help us to succeed.
Your loyalty and assiduousness are admirable to say the least.
Above all I love your worthiness, your smile,
your strong hands, and your dancing.
You're my hero, my husband, and the champion of my heart.

I love you cub. ~Daniella