Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Hard Working Man

The break has been heavenly so far. I think I've had much more of a break than Jacob though. He's so good to me. He wakes up with Luci, makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, shovels the snow, and he's done about 4 major projects around our house in only one week. We've eaten way too much sugar, been sledding, Christmas shopping, played with friends, and relaxed. Luci has been up to some pretty funny stuff this week too. She's mastered her colors, still begs to do letters 24/7, insists on putting on her own pants which takes forever!, builds towers with everything, talks about Christmas, Santa, and presents constantly, colors in her coloring book on the floor while standing on one leg...here are some pictures. And please check the video bar for some hilarious videos. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Egg

jacob and Luci are on a date. Yes, and I am at home eating a hard boiled egg. I love hard boiled eggs. So many people think they are gross, but really I find them very satisfying and I always want more than one. They went to Chik-fil-a because we got a coupon in the mail. Jacob loves their food, but luci isn't so sure about how she feels about chicken nuggets, we'll see what happens.

So finals have been tough this semester. For me, and for Jacob. I know I shouldn't complain because it will all be over soon and things could be a lot worse. But still, here I am whimpering that I'm not on a date with my busy husband, and my daughter is. ***Good news! Jacob just called to say that he lined up a babysitter and I better get my dancing shoes on :) We're not really going dancing I'm sure, but we are going somewhere! What a hubby. I guess things can get better really fast sometimes, so quitcherbelliachin! (a favorite phrase of my mom's).

Here's a funny story and a cute picture to make this post worth looking at...

At the grocery store the other day Luci was being as loud as ever. Yelling for pretzels, grapes, milk, cereal, cheese, whatever she saw. We talked about being quiet in the store, and she would do a good job for a few seconds. In the check out line for some reason she thought it would be funny to start yelling "Mommy's naked! Mommy's naked!" Of course as I was shushing her she just kept yelling and laughing. This girl has seriously got a sense of humor. How did she know that would be funny? So there you have it, Luci's first joke. I'm sure there will be plenty more.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dean Ears

I should have many many good pictures for you because Luci and I just got back from a great to trip to the homeland. But, I forgot my camera folks. For the first time ever. Okay that was a lie. I am so bummed because there were so many great opportunities for pics. Snuggling with Nana and Pop-pop, cooking with Grandma Goosey, flower girl shots, and giving kisses to aunts and uncles. She sure loves her family. She decided she loves her grandma's more than me on the trip actually. Every morning I would go to get her out of bed and she would shake her head and say either,
"Grandma, or Nana" why in the world would she want her Mamma? Now all she wants is her daddy since we've been home. That's okay though. I get most of the love anyway :) Anyway, I've been dealing with a much different Luci than usual. A sick one. She has mostly been sleeping, even on the airplane, an unconceived notion in the past. I have been the benefactor of many a snuggle, also a rare treat with Luci. Grandma dean got some lovin' too while we stayed with them for one night before heading back home. It turns out Luci has had an ear infection for about a month and a half. Another Dean headed for tubes in her ears. Sorry princess.