Monday, July 28, 2008


Sorry friends. I have been wanting to post for some time now and our computer is not cooperating. The wireless card is busted or something. So I can't get my pics onto the blog. Hence, My blog is boring. Posts to come... Vegas/4th of July, Teton Natl. Park, Luci pics, Big Fat Bunch Family Reunion, Babysitting the Bakers...

Here's a sneak peek.

I am babysitting my cousins this week. They are the cutest. Jakey (2) keeps referring to Luci as his and Jacob's baby. After about 5 minutes of playing he always says, " I need to go find my baby now." Mckell is almost 6 and we read books together. We all went to the post office today... crazy to say the least. 2 kiddos and a baby. How do you mothers out there do it? Two things I've learned so far... pocksickles are always a good bribe, and the hugs and smiles are well worth all of the craziness.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I thought I'd update on what we're up to these days...Luci has definitely taken over the blog. We are getting so excited to move! We are so close to buying a house. We really really love it and the area looks awesome. Hopefully we'll close at the end of this month. Jacob is working really hard. He has an accounting job from 8-5 every day, he is taking a GMAT class, and he studies and works out everyday pretty much. I try to help out as much as I can. I get to play with Luci and my mom everyday, and I try to sell all of our stuff so we don't have to move it. We are going to be sad to leave Provo when the day comes. I think everyone will miss Luci more than Jacob and me though.

We are going on a vacation this weekend! My dad is paying for us to go to Las Vegas for Jacob's birthday present. Jacob has three requests only: 1. We eat at In-N-Out burger 2. We eat at a Buffet 3. We see the strip. He's never been to Vegas we go!
We are going to stay with my cousin Sally and her husband James. My mom and mark are going to hitch a ride and come too. We are going to hike zions on friday morning, eat at In-N-Out Burger, watch the fireworks on the strip, eat at a buffet, go swimming, and go to the Vegas temple.

Luci rolled over last Saturday for the first time. She did it about 4 times and she's been doing it since! Of course she won't do it for the camera or I would show you. Hopefully that will come soon.

Life is wonderful and we are so happy. We hope everyone is having a great summer!