Wednesday, January 28, 2009


What's Luci looking at out the window? (Her new favorite thing to do, thanks to Grandma Dean!)

It's called freezing rain and about a foot of snow! The city is at a level 2 weather emergency and everything is shut down. We've had two snow days in a row. YEAH! Look how gorgeous the frozen branches are. Of course you can appreciate it as long as you're not driving.

And this is how gorgeous Luci is. Thanks Nana for the outfit.all

Sunday, January 25, 2009


We got to go on a real date this weekend! Jacob took me to Wicked for my birthday. It was amazing. Simply amazing. We recommend it. It was in Kentucky, so we went to dinner at a restaurant that was right on the Ohio river. The backdrop was really pretty with the bridges in the background, sorry you can't really see that in the pictures.

Luci got to play with her cousins while we were there. This is Abram, they are only a couple of weeks apart. It was pretty fun to watch them follow each other around. Abram especially liked kissing Luci on the head.

This is Madi and Luci at the Grocery store. Wendy and I like to go together just to get the girls out of the house. They love riding in this car together!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

And so we begin another year! What will it entail. Some of my very original resolutions are...

1. Be on time
2. Exercise more routinely
3. Budget more diligently

So, I'm counting all of you to hold me to it!

We were blessed to get to visit family in Utah for the holidays. Oh and was it ever a winter wonderland there. I have never seen so much snow in my life. Luci would try to catch the snowflakes on her tongue every time we went outside. She loved watching the snow come down. She didn't like all the new people as much though. It took her a little while to warm up to everyone. Hence the staring contest she had with Kendal one morning. She just layed on the carpet and stared at Kendal...she never sits still...ever! (pictures following) We did lots of fun things...

And off we go!

Luci started opening presents two nights before Christmas because she is so spoiled!

My dad made famous cinnamon rolls and we took them to neighbors and famiy. It's an art, really they kept telling me that I wasn't good enough to cut the dough.

More presents for Luci...Luci worked the phones with Jacob at Magleby's for the Christmas Eve dinner

We got to go to the BYU vs. Wakeforest B-Ball game. Definitely the best game I will ever see in my life. It was so loud! Jacob almost lost his voice.
Luci warming up to Grandma Goosey
Luci had Mason for christmas...she wanted to keep the present for herself as you can see here.
Staring contest
We made a wedding cake for Jacob's cousin. It's all cake too. Just the bottom layer weighed 17 lbs.
We celebrated our anniversary and snow-shoed into an awesome cabin where we spent the night and went skiing at Sundance the next day. Nanna watched little Luci the whole time. It was wonderful :)