Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Fall Fall!

We love the fall and it is so beautiful out here. There are endless amounts of trees lining each street and all the highways. Luci has loved playing outside in the leaves and almost always shoves them straight in her mouth. Here is a little collage of some of things we have been up to recently. Jacob finished an intense assignment this friday and we are so excited to relax over our week long fall break. We're going on trip with Jacob's family for part of the week, and working on our house the other half. We were in much need of a little relaxations... most especially cub (a nickname for the hubby). What perfect weather to re-coop in.

We have also been surprised and amazed that Luci is crawling! She started the army crawl about 2 weeks ago. She is all over the place! I wish I could figure out how to successfully post a video! She is really such a little person these days. She eats peas, and applesauce. She likes applesauce, and hates peas though. Here are some pics of the little princess and her peas...