Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dressing Up

My sweet little Jane baby was blessed on November 4th. It was a beautiful blessing. It was pretty fun to dress her up in this pretty dress for the event...

and to see her daddy swoon over her :)

Prince Elijah was cracking us up all night long with his facial hair.

Pop-Pop's costume was perfect. And it was pretty awesome having them around for Halloween.

Elijah finally has some hair! Yes, he will be three in March. We like to play with it...

One day while visiting teaching the kids came down all dressed up. Luci dressed the boys including buttoning their shirts and getting their ties on. I can't believe the boys stayed still long enough! She can be pretty convincing though.

All dressed up here for the Georgia Tech V. BYU football game in Atlanta. What a beautiful day. The kids love football. They ask to play tackle football everyday with me or Jacob. At this game Luci yelled "Go Cougars!" non-stop for the entire first half. Yep.

We all will do pretty much anything to get this girl to smile. She is passing out those grins like pretzels these days.