Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today was day number 5 of luci being sick...again. This time she's had a high fever and no other symptoms, so the doctor finally decided to put her on antibiotics just in case. Well, that means more antibiotics for poor little luci. And lots of days waiting in our cute little house until she gets better. Jacob is super busy volunteering, working, fulfilling his church callings, working out, reading, and driving to and from his externship. He only comes home at a decent time twice a week. Otherwise it's just me in my little house while Luci sleeps. It's really hard to motivate myself to eat good, among other things, when he's not around to cook for. So, when my visiting teachers dropped by these cookies, the battle had begun. To eat dinner, or to eat chocolate chip cookies. In the end I ate both. Some cookies before, during, and after dinner though. This was my favorite, Smore's sandwich. Have you ever tried it? Why have I never tried it before?? I think Elijah might have more of a sweet tooth than is humanly possible. Sweets have been just so wonderful lately. So has my luci girl. She certainly is not quiet, or still, ever. But she is wonderful. She really does "make me happy when sky's are grey". Every night, as I pick up her little things, shoes, purses, pictures she's scribbled, I can't help but be happy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh my stomach

I just saw this picture today as my screen saver was turning through. We took it last May in Nashville. I always did think it would be cool to be a cowgirl. I still think it would be awesome to live on a small farm or ranch in Idaho. Probably thanks to Aunt Tricia and Uncle Randy :) Oh but this picture made me long for a basketball-less mid section. Why? that I could sleep on my stomach again, so Jacob could hold me close again, so my belly wouldn't hang out of the bottom of all my shirts even my maternity shirts, so I could breathe and eat until I was actually satisfied. The many woes of pregnancy. I do love the basketball too though, and it is so worth it to sacrifice some little things for a few months. It's so awesome to feel the little alien moving inside. And, it will be so awesome to stare into his little eyes, straight from heaven. I am getting excited, and anxious, and nervous. Luci is so ready to be a big sister. She talks about sharing her toys with Elijah, and changing his diaper so he won't cry. At breakfast this morning she was talking about him being born, and she said, " cut it mommy?" And Jacob and I were confused. Then she said, "cut mommy's tummy?' We didn't tell her where the baby actually comes out, because then she would never stop talking about it. So Jacob told her the baby just pops right out, no cutting necessary. She was satisfied with that answer, at least for now. Jacob is busy getting E's room ready. He's painted, and scraped wallpaper till his fingers bled. We are also getting new carpet! Wahoo!

(Our Yummy Valentine's Coconut Cake)

(37 weeks on Thursday)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Luci Loo Is Almost Two

Don't try to tell me she's not the cutest, cuz she is.

P.S. you could be lucky enough to have my sister in law Rebekah take pictures of your family in my basement. She said she'd love to come here and take pics with her studio equip. if people are interested! Any takers?? She gives you all the pics, and edits them!

The Month of Love

It's February and some of you may know that it happens to be my favorite month of the year. Partly because it includes my birthday, my little sisters birthday, and Valentine's Day. But mostly it's a way that I have discovered to make a freezing, dreary month (weather wise) something to celebrate...thus forgetting about the cold, and dreary world. Brilliant! if I say so myself. I haven't been as good at celebrating each day this year (dressing in pink, making heart shaped everything, eating lots of raspberries, and chocolate covered whatevers), but hey, I'm about to have a little chiddler (as the BFG would say) and we've had lots going on. OH excuses excuses. We have had some good times though, so let me tell ya about them.
I got to celebrate my birthday for a whole week! Went to lunch, breakfast, and got ice cream for free twice. My lovely friends made me breakfast, and Jacob made a true blue "Richard Parkinson (my dad) Sunday dinner" the Baby back ribs even had homemade bbq sauce, and there were mushrooms sauteed in butter and lemon. There was also hot sourdough from the oven, and grilled asparagus. Oh and don't forget the Better than you know what cake: a tradition my mom had for me. I did make heart and lip shaped Lion House Rolls. I made pink cupcakes for activity days, and today we made valentines at a friends house. I bought sweethearts (which are definitely not as good as they used to be) and valentine's snickers... okay so maybe I have indulged a little...Isn't February worth it though! It's such a great month (really Cat, you don't still hate it do you?) Besides celebrating February here are some other things.

Luci got tubes in her ears. The nurses told us that she would probably be inconsolable when she woke up from the anesthesia. Of course when we went back to try and console her she was simply talking in full sentences to the nurse.

Yes, I got emotional. It's not fun seeing you pride and joy go limp while looking you in the eyes with huge tears. "Save me mommy"

Nana made Luci an adorable Tinkerbell tutu which she loves!

We've had tons of snow! I'm so glad Jacob likes playing in it with Luci.

We've spent lots of time at Grandma and Grandpa's house because of Jacob's externship at the Supreme Court. (Making Playdough with Parker and Grandma)