Wednesday, April 17, 2013

He Had a Birthday

Elijah had his third birthday among all of the commotion of moving. He is very proud about being 3. He is also very proud of all the hair that he now has, he points it out quite often. He requested a construction cake with dirt on it this year. So we re-created this little diddy off of pinterest. He loved it. For his birthday party he had a couple of friends over for a dance party. If he hears music he can't help but bust out the moves, no matter where we are. He is also very protective and controlling of the dance floor. He is found giving instruction to all. And since it is apparently against his personal code of ethics to use a contraction, he yells, "I told you do not do it like that! Like this mom..." 

Elijah is most famous around here at present opening time. His expressions are priceless. Everyone he knows loves giving him gifts since he usually exclaims, "Thhhaaank You! It's what I've always been wishing for!" And it is the most sincere little voice you have ever heard. Even if it is something he never even knew existed. He is the sweetest little man.

You never have to steal a kiss from this kid. He gives them out freely.

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Liz Hall said...

I was wondering when you would get this post up. JK! Just giving you a hard time home fry. Miss you guys. Glad Eli had a good birthday! (: