Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Funday

Today did not start out fun... nope. I woke up with a case of the Monday's. It was no one's fault but my own. Jacob did airplanes with kids before he left (them being swung around by one arm and one leg), Luci packed her own lunch, Elijah happily got out his work book and patiently waited for me to help him. Unfortunately Mary Jane had a case of the Monday's too. It's pretty hard to do anything else when you have a clingy, screamy baby. I tried going out for a walk, but it was too freezy. Janey's nose was pink and running and the wind was bone chilling. Fail. I tried to do some Denise Austin prego exercises, but for some reason Mary Jane thinks that when I turn on an exercise video I am going to be sucked away into an abyss or something because it FREAKS her out. Fail. So I turned it off and we had lunch. I even made my favorite egg salad wrap while the kids ate cream cheese and jelly sandwiches. Of course MJ would only eat my wrap, so i got to eat her smooshed up sandwich. Mmmm. Double Fail. By the time I got the kids down for a nap around one all I could think about was chocolate. Good thing I had some extra whipped ganache left over from this weekend... So I ate lots of that while I zoned out online and looked at my regular faves. It's amazing what some chocolate and quiet time can do! Thankfully the afternoon was much better. I finished a project for Luci that I had been working on since before Christmas, I took a shower, did my nails, spent some time studying and pondering, and talked to my daddy who didn't mean to hit my number and call me but it was an answer to my heart's prayer.

It was a good thing the baby slept so long and I got so much done because Luci needed me after school today. A girl was mean to her on the bus today. It breaks my heart to watch her little lip quiver as she tells me these stories. All she did was try to make friendly conversation with the girl in front of her who happened to be holding one of Luci's favorite books. The girl turned to her and rudely said, "Now you be quiet". I can't help but think that it's experiences like these that will shape her into something that she is not. Especially since she is so young. I tried to explain to her that the little girl must have had a bad day and didn't want to chat, and that it didn't have anything to do with how likable and fun Luci is. There are plenty of people who would stand in line to sit next to Luci and talk to her. Including me, her dad, her grandparents, her primary teachers, Elijah, her best friends, random strangers we meet in the grocery store. It makes me wonder why we separate our young children from their parents and other mature adults so early, only to be surrounded by and influenced by irrational and immature peers. That's not to say that adults can't act that way too I guess. Grr. Such is life. At least we can do our best to create a safe environment at home.

Anyway, the day ended with my sweet children cleaning the kitchen without being asked while I bathed and put Mary Jane to bed early. They knew I needed help tonight since Jacob wouldn't home until late and they happily worked together to surprise me. They are such amazing kids, even on a blah Monday with a blah mommy.


Kaye said...

You have the most darling kids! I would be Luci's friend in a heartbeat and she is lucky to have you to explain things to her. Hopefully she can be a cute, happy, bubbly influence on crabby people and put smiles on their faces. You are all awesome! Love you!! (Sorry you had to eat a smooshed sandwich.) :)

Marissa said...

You are the best mom! And I understand where you are coming from with mean kids....and at such a young age! It breaks my heart. Wish we lived near each other and our kids could be friends.