Sunday, March 10, 2013

To Be a Mother

Things are movin' and shakin' around these parts. Especially this little Janey Bop. I can't seem to keep her in any seat. She has wiggled out of her car seat, the Bumbo, and this rocking chair many times. We are going to have to keep our eyes on this mover! Just now as I was blogging she rolled half way across the room to get her hands on the space heater... good thing I caught her! I know this next picture has weird lighting and is not in focus... but talk about focus on that baby's face! I love how she is soaking everything up. And I love how much her big brother and sister love her. I just love love our quiet days at home. Mostly.

It has been much harder lately to stay sane as I try to keep the house ready show, pack, and think about where we are going next. I won't lie, there have been some days when I have been super irritable and grumpy. I try to focus on doing my best and enjoying the moments. 

Try that though when you've just spent all morning cleaning the church, and scrubbing your house (with a baby strapped to your chest and a toddler hanging on your leg with your husband out of town) til' it sparkled for an open house. Then literally just seconds after your handsome 3 year old wakes up he pees on the floor, gets out a bunch of toys to show the realtor, and then... your car won't start. So you pack up your littles and walk to the library to chill for 2 hours... not mention no one actually shows up at the open house.

   I am so grateful that it was a beautiful day outside and that we had to walk. Otherwise I think all of those events would have made me crazy. But, Heavenly Father knows what we need. I needed a walk to the park and a gyro at Baba's grill with my little man. I wish I would have brought my camera! Mary Jane let out the most wonderful laughing fit ever while she watched Eli swing, it sounded exactly like Luci. Little twinners I tell ya, except Mj might even be louder than Luci was. Especially her screech.

And so my friends a walk, some laughs, some food, and then it was all better! I am excited for what happens next, and I know I can handle it! So bring on the rain! I know Heavenly Father sends us trials... seemingly small, and seemingly large... to make us stronger. Flying on a plane across the country this winter with 3 small children taught me that, yesterday taught me that. Oh to be a mother :)


Danielle said...

why is the format so crazy???

Pops n' Goosey said...

Oh, this is cracking me up. And then making me want to be there to save you. And then sigh cuz it's so sweet. Man those little people are cute! Luci and MJ really could be twinners! Pops and I can see Eli in MJ too though. I thinks it's so great that they look so much alike. Love the post. You're doing so awesome! Love you alls!!! :)

Liz Hall said...

that would have made me crazy too! and then I would have been even more upset that no one showed up! But it looks like things ended up ok for you. I'm glad. (: