Monday, September 22, 2008

The Lord's Hand

The past couple of weeks I have seen the Lord's hand in my family's life a lot. Jacob is a great example to me of noticing these things since he keeps a journal of how the Lord blesses him and his family each day. He never misses a day. It's amazing to read his entries (I'm his wife, so I'm allowed ;) and realize how often we can see His hand. Since Friday Sept. 12 there have been a lot of close calls. On Friday Luci and I were going to pick up Jacob from school and it was pouring I mean POURING rain. We were going down a huge, steep hill when I lost control of the car. We started spinning and ran into the median, luckily there was not very much traffic and the median was very small. With the help of a very nice officer, we got the tire fixed and Luci slept through the whole thing. Then last Sunday we were hit by Hurricane Ike... yes it's true, a hurricane in the midwest. The wind gusts were insane. The city of is still recovering from the fallen trees, burnt down buildings, and 90% of the city's power being out. A huge branch fell on the roof of our new house, but surprisingly did no damage. Then just this Saturday while I was making pancakes Luci was playing and she magically scooted (now she can scoot I guess) into a huge frame which is very heavy and knocked it down on top of herself. It scared the pants off both of us and Jacob had to talk me out of calling 911. (You could say I definitely over-reacted) So my friends, I am grateful to be alive with my baby and husband. I know the Lord watches over all of us. Even if things would have not turned out as they did, I know that we can trust Him. If we choose to we will see His hand in every aspect of our lives.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's starting to feel like home out here! I really love it, I don't think we could have found a better place to be right now. Our house is perfect, it's just tucked back into a really cute neighborhood. Our neighbors are super quiet, and there is a library about 5 minutes away that we can walk to. I got a pilates video to work on, I baked some banana peanut butter muffins (mmm...), I made some bracelets for Luci with my friend Wendy (who is awesome!), It's friday and my husband is going to be home soon! Too bad we don't have a babysitter this weekend. We are sad that we have to actually plan ahead and find a babysitter now that none of Luci's grandma's live close. We're going to the local fair tomorrow. I'm going to get some homemade cobbler and Jacob hopes there is cheese on a stick like he used to get when he was a kid.

Here are some pics of the latest events:

We started feeding Luci rice cereal...she loves it! We have an awesome video but I can't figure out the best way to put movies on here. Does anyone know??

We went to the OSU game and got sweet seats

We had a family picnic for labor day in our backyard