Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are We Getting Involved?

The issue of same-sex marriage is ever present. While we should be tolerant and kind to those fighting for these rights, we should be strongly advocating our beliefs and our reasons for promoting the traditional family.

I find myself quite ignorant of such issues sometimes. As I go about my quiet little life I sometimes forget that there are issues that affect me and my family. I am thankful to those who do keep informed on these crucial issues. I read this important and informative press release given by the church on August 13, and decided to stay informed and get involved. Please read The Divine Institution of Marriage here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Please sit back and enjoy the ride

Here's a whirlwind tour of the past couple of months...

Luci got her toes painted

We made it to Vegas with Mom and Pops... thanks Sally and James!

We hiked a little piece of Zion'sLuci and I discovered our love for pugs

Luci started grabbing things

Luci smiles...
And she frowns even better...
We went to see the Tetons
Luci stayed warm
We named this spot Luci's Dinnerfalls

A Grandoc worthy picShe loves Nana
River rafting down the snake
Old Faithful

Have you been wondering why Jacob's face looks dirty in all the pics? It's not dirt, it's his mustache... Ow Ow babe :)
Luci had two older siblings for a week
We went to the Hogle Zoo
My husband is handsome

Big Fat Bunch Family Reunion...4 out of the 5 babies born within about 4 months
I got a free makeover at Nordstrom just for kicks
We started what we call The Dean's Big Adventure. Jacob packed the Corrolla chalk full of stuff. Literally, the exhaust pice was almost dragging on the road. Don't worry Luci wasn't mixed in with the boxes for the long haul. We took a plane! Shane and Jacob stopped at a diner in Kansas, definitely a blast from the past.
A shot from the car
Luci's new outfit for her first plane ride. (Provided by Nana) She had a blow out in it while we were going through security. I changed her right before take off on the lap tray... umm Don't worry I got the stains out!
A new dress for the first day of church in our new ward. $5 at Old Navy, Sweet!
Well, hope you enjoyed it! We are really excited about this new town that we live in. It just keeps getting more perfect every day. We're excited to move into our house on friday. We have a house! Love you guys!

Monday, August 11, 2008

In The Process

Were in the process of moving to our new house :) We are in Limbo for a couple of weeks out here though. We're staying with in-laws and friends for two weeks and then we'll get to move in for reals. Jacob drove straight through. He left on thursday night and arrived on saturday morning. Luci and I had a great flight. We're excited! Sorry we're still boring...