Friday, October 28, 2011


Yes folks, that's right. My hubby passed the Bar!
I knew you would do it babe.
I love this pic because you can't even tell that Luci is sitting next to him :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


The seasons are changing. The harvest is pretty much over. I am sure going to miss looking out my window to see this... The kids chowing down on all the goodies out there, and Luci running in with a handful of basil every night for dinner. I am also going to miss the sunshine, the endless hours of playing in the sandbox without a word, the barbeques, the last minute picnics, the pool, all that great stuff. 
We've been inside the last week or two feeling pretty dumpy. That happens with the seasons changing too. Poor little guy got croup. Man is that a scary sounding cough or what? I was ready to jump in the car at 5am and take him to the hospital before Jacob calmed me down. I was so grateful for steamy water that morning and the following sleepless night. Poor guy. Then Luci lost her voice and caught a fever too. Can I just say though that I am the luckiest mom on earth. These little sickies have been the sweetest cuddliest things ever. I was surprised at how well we did being cooped up for so long. Usually I am the one going crazy... But this time was different. I think it's because of all the simplifying I've been trying to do lately. I was okay with staying home, reading tons of books, watching shows, and eating popcorn for dinner. We even went to the mall and got frozen yogurt for dinner one night. That night the kiddo's were in bed by 5 and slept the whole night.
I also know that I have felt strengthened by Heavenly Father's hand in my life. Slowing down can sometimes make things seem harder. We have to clean up more messes around the house, I have to actually play and pretend and answer questions. Being busy makes for rushed conversations, hoping for other things to entertain the kids, and shushing kids a lot. But with a lot of prayer and pleading I have come to really enjoy spending down time with the kids. I have also made some real progress with keeping my home in order. Some of that stuff is hard to admit... because I do and I always did love being a mother and homemaker. I'm just a lot more comfortable now to really be a stay at home mom. I know that there is power in truly being intentional about these things. Focusing on my purpose at this time in my life and striving to be the best at it in the simplest ways has truly been changing me in ways I never imagined.

Some Luci-isms:
  • Luci and Jacob were pulling at a wishbone, she got the bigger end...
          Jacob: "Make a wish! You got it"
          Luci: "I wish daddy's glasses were pretty"

  •   Jacob and Luci were at the store. She told jacob about a cut on her thumb that kept on opening up and hurting. "It really hurts daddy. But, it will be better in the ressurection."

  • "Joocie" for Luci
  • "Pah-yeh" for Potty. He is constantly holding his diaper and running in there yelling, "POO POO!"
  • "Weh-ah-yew" all one word for where are you. Mostly talking about daddy. "Dada ohme?"

So Big! Mashing applesauce with Pa Paw.