Friday, May 13, 2011

For Me?

I woke up Sunday morning to find cute little post it notes all around the house. Some from Jacob some from Luci. Including one on the toilet paper that read, " Thank you for being such a good mommy and for wiping away our... tears." I really like secret love notes :)

(Luci can often be found in the background making silly faces)

I enjoyed a completely gourmet meal thanks to my sous chef, Jacob Dean. Although I will probably be the sous chef pretty soon here. Can you tell that is a balsamic reduction sauce smothering my steak and mushrooms? (!) Grilled asparagus, baked onion rings, and creamy garlic mashers. The crust-less lemon and strawberry cheesecake he made left me speechless and begging for more. Mmm.

I totally milked mother's day this year. I slept in, got lots of naps, and the Mr. even drew a bubble bath for me while he cleaned up after dinner. Ahhh, thank you to whoever thought of Mother's day. I love getting to adore, love, and play with my little stickies while my hubby takes care of the other important household duties. Thank you to my Mr. I love you.

And I truly love being a mama.