Thursday, May 27, 2010


Lately I've been learning a lot of lessons. Lessons that probably would have seemed really hard if they were in any previous time in my life. Okay not really hard...maybe just a little difficult. Learning how to balance 2 children, a husband with a job, and my own needs and wants is definitely a puzzle. I have found that I can get by on the basics, like cereal for breakfast, jammies all day, popping in a movie for luci when I'm tired, making frozen ravioli, saving jobs for Jacob to do when he get's home, etc... But I enjoy my life so much more when it pushes me to my limits. When I plan fun adventures, yummy food, when I read good books, have meaningful scripture study, plan interesting crafts and activities, look pretty for my husband, take care of my home, and really soak in every moment with my children.

This is all interesting to me because while I find that I enjoy my life more, I am also tremendously tired at the end of every day, and some moments are really stressful as I try to be intentional in everything that I do. Sometimes it's because I don't plan good enough, or I plan too much. It's hard to fail and have your day blow up in your face. Something my dad taught me though is that, "if you don't get hurt sometimes then you're not trying hard enough". So, I've been pushing myself and praying for strength. Strength to push through the tired moments with a smile on my face, to not complain when I want to , to be okay with the times that I do get hurt. I really have to rely on the Lord, especially when I'm starting to lose patience. You say, "how could I ever lose patience with that sweet little curly haired red head" well, I'm sorry to say that sometimes I do. She doesn't deserve it though.

A few things that have really helped me lately to have perspective in this phase of my life as a young mother are

1. Country Music...yes it's true. They're always singin' about how "you're gonna miss this" you know, when you're kids grow up. It's so true though. My babies are going to be 24 and I'm going to be 50 before I know it.

(She's practically 24 and mothering me already)

2. Other's experiences that have been or are much more difficult than mine. I listened to an episode of Everything Creative on the Mormon Channel yesterday. It was about a mother with an amazing story. She had some really hard things to handle, and yet she did it creatively. It was Episode 7. Listen to it when you have a little while, maybe while you're folding laundry...

3. The Scriptures. We're studying the old testament in Sunday School, and we have a great teacher... Anyway, the children of Israel had some pretty stinkin' hard trials. The women who traveled with Nephi and Lehi too. Bearing children in the wilderness, surviving on raw meat, yucK! Okay, and the ultimate example and heroine to me is Eve. The first woman on earth, no parenting books to read, no internet to look up what to do when your child's temp. is 105 degrees. Not even a mother to call to ask for help. No one to babysit while she ran some errands, or planted her garden. Wow, I really am glad that she did it, and not me.

So, even though I'm tired, I love my life. And I know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to. When I'm intentional about it I feel so much better.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm really, really tired right now. But here goes a post, b/c I love all of you so much...
It was his birthday last Saturday...the tall dreamy red headed one. We are still dreaming about all the yummy free food we enjoyed that day. Graeter's, Red Robin, mmm. He's 26! Now that is crazy. How does time fly by so fast. I love celebrating birthday's especially his, since I get to spoil him and he can't say no. He likes to refuse from taking a break off of cleaning for the day...but I can actually insist on his birthday. I love you babe.

Luci had quite a dramatic experience in the ER last week. Her temp. got up to 105... let me tell you, not something fun to watch on the thermometer as the numbers just keep rising. So, I was freaking out. Thankfully Jacob met me there. They thought she had a UTI, but we found out on Friday that it must have just been a virus. So, all the shots, and the catheter were for nada...but I am glad they did it just in case. I just feel bad for luci. What a sad pic...She fell asleep right after the shots. She was at the hospital for almost 4 hours. It was traumatic for all of us. Thankfully we didn't have to bring Elijah there.Mom came to visit! A surprise visit :) Too bad she left the morning of the day we had the ER experience. I love my mamba. We had a great time together. We even got to go get Indian Food, something that both of our husbands are not a fan of. It was amazing...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kentucky and Mother's Day

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The kid's and I (that is so weird to say) went to visit our friends in KY on a whim while Jacob took his last two finals. It's so nice to have friends that let you come with one or two days notice. We had such a great time :) We talked, fed ducks, and relished in how much alike we are. Parenting styles, cooking techniques, testimonies, etc... At first Luci and JoAnn played together very well, but silently. It wasn't until they figured out that each other could talk that they really hit it off. Thank you for a great trip!

Mother's day was great. Filled with my favorite foods and people. I even got flowers this year. Wild flowers from our back yard. The first time there have been flowers on my table since we moved here (besides the lovely flowers from my friends at church).

Here's a funny one: